Mission Statement

Currently the standard procedure after a concern is identified (Due Diligence) whether by the urological exam and/or blood work (PSA, Free PSA, velocity, etc.) is to have the TRUS (Transrectal Ultrasound) biopsy. This is the 12 RANDOM sample one. In my opinion: This must change! The MRI (Skyra 3T Tesla or 1.5T Tesla (with an endorectal coil) multiparametic MRI) needs to be the next step. The MRI will give an extremely detailed look inside the prostate to identify suspected cancer lesions. Thus, if needed, the Fusion Targeted Biopsy can “target” those specific areas instead of just random samples. Both biopsies are done simultaneously. My TRUS 12 random samples showed no cancer. The ONE SAMPLE (I had 1 suspected lesion in the MRI) from the Fusion Targeted Biopsy identified the cancer! The bottom line is if the MRI and the Fusion Targeted Biopsy were not done I would have had undiagnosed cancer growing inside of me. By getting Definitively Diagnosed early I had many more Options and a much greater chance for survival. For me personally that was HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). Unfortunately it is not covered by insurance yet to make it a more viable and accessible option if chosen by the individual.


*  Skyra 3T Tesla or 1.5T Tesla (with endorectal coil) multiparametic MRI before the biopsies are done as standard procedure.

*  HIFU covered by insurance and therefore an additional more accessible option if chosen by the individual.  

* Help in every way I can to effectively eradicate Prostate Cancer. DDDDO

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